I was dreaming you were my Johnny Cash

By Helena Natanael - Thursday, March 01, 2012

Have you feel deeply loved by someone and in love with someone, but suddenly they leave you and never come back?

That's what I feel, every 1st March.

This date, is the birthday of the most wonderful boy I ever met. He's my first crush, when I was in junior high. I hope my relationship with him will lasts forever, 'till we both become an old couple, watching our grandchild running around.. Sitting together in a rocking chair.. on a small comfortable house countryside.. Passing the rest of our life together..

Until that day come.. 13th November 2009.

The day he passed away, after he struggle to beat his sickness for 17 years. Yes, since he was a little baby, he must to face his sickness by himself.

~ ~

He is not a desperate person. He always fight for what he deserves, especially the life he has dreamed every night before he fall asleep. Maybe, the reason why he passed away in his young age, isn't because he already give up to fight.. But because Our Creator's love for him.. God wants to give him a life he deserves, not in earth, but in another life.

At first I can't accept this and can't let him go. I don't understand this... However as the time goes by, I realize this is the best way to make him happy, at least in another life. Yah, God's most unfair way for us actually the fairest path to walk through..

 Katy's The One that Got Away music video perfectly describes my feeling to him. I think you all have watched the original video, so in this post I give you the acoustic version of this song :)

Wishing you all the goods and loves, fellas!

P.S: Alvano, you have secured an eternal place in my heart. I will always love you.

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