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By Gabriela Cynthia, 15th January 2013

By Karina Apriladhatin, 7th December 2012

Reader Art - Illustration from Angelica Hennata, 4th May 2012

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Yahoo Indonesia Look of the Day: 25th June 2014

Yahoo Indonesia Look of the Day: 3rd September 2013 

Featured fashion blogger @ Bellast Facebook Fanpage, 22th July 2013

Featured Fashion Tips @, 18th April 2013

 Featured Fan Photo Mosaic of James Bond 007 Skyfall Promo, 26th October 2012

 Kompas Indonesia Daily Newspaper, Print Out version.
Kompas Muda section page 40, 19th October 2012.

Participating WWF's program "Heart of Borneo" #SAVEHoB, 8th August 2012.
You can help too! every message you write (don't worry, it's free) extends WWF's tape until they wrap the messages around the heart of Borneo Island. Click here.

Grazie Dio Shop's Album ♥ I WORE GrazieDioOS ♥, 19th July 2012

 Look 10 Award, 8th July 2012

 SPARK online magazine, third issue, 20th April 2012

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