Happy 2nd Birthday, MRT!

By Helena Natanael - Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday, My Random Thoughts!

Exactly on 20th February 2009, I made this blog. But I think the accumulation of my hiatus is about 1 year, so, MRT (abbreviation of My Random Thoughts) "true" age is 2 years! lol...

Video above actually tells you about my journey.. from February 2009 until now :)

lol editing some of my kitten photos in picnik.com.. can't believe such a great online photo editor like picnik shuts down soon on April :(

Recently I'm falling in love with K is for Kani's blog, and start to look all her journey in her blog. I'm surprised when I found this post, there's Indomie (kind of noodle, but it's easy to serve, you only need 3 minutes to cook it and serve it!) in her purchases! wow.. Indomie is an instant noodle from Indonesia, and it's exist in Australia too? Wow.. I'm curious if there's Indomie in another country.. hahaha...

By the way, for my blog's 2nd anniversary, I am teamed up with Romwe.com, and gives my dearest reader:

5% discount coupon on Romwe.com
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 one time for one person.

Romwe.com is an amazing street fashion shop, their products will mesmerize you all! Happy Shopping guys! Psst, if you want another discount coupon, just sign up on their site quickly and you'll get 20% discount coupon to use :)

Have a great day!

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