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September 25, 2016

Lyke : All Fashion, One App

On February, I received an invitation to attend a media session from an one-to-watch newcomer fashion application named LYKE. As a hybrid of fashion blogger and IT student, I couldn't resist to come. I've been always interested of how far technology could ease up our life, and this time it offers an interactive new platform of fashion.

September 18, 2016

Pinky Shade of Slay

She combed her wavy hair and put some make up on. She chose to wear whitish look with a shade of pink. After doing twirl in front of mirror, she grabbed her purse and  go downstairs, straight to the living room. When her eyes met his, her cheeks turn rosy. He stood up and smile. "You looked absolutely beautiful as always", he complimented her. Before she could say a word, he reached her hand and said, "let's go!".

Seeing clouds floating above her head through the sunroof, feeling the kiss from sun on her skin, passing by hundreds of trees outside the car, and sitting next to person that means the whole world for her; she felt extremely lucky. "So what is the name of your outfit today? Angel in Disguise, Pale-ntine, Summertime Madness?". She rolled her eyes and quickly replied, "Umm, Pinky Shade of Slay? hahaha". He laughed and said,"hahaha, I see, you totally slayed my sanity right now". They both burst into laughter. Certain things might catch her eye, but only him that captured her heart.

August 31, 2016

Unboxing Sociolla Box: August 2016 [Review]

Hai Semua!

Karena ini adalah Beauty Box di Indonesia, jadi aku reviewnya sebagian besar pakai Bahasa Indonesia deh. Untuk para wanita berumur 20an, pasti gak asing dengan produk kecantikan. Produk kecantikan yang terdiri dari perawatan kulit dan tubuh, hingga makeup, memang erat banget sama wanita. Aku sejak dulu udah tertarik banget sama beauty, meski tidak tertarik jadi beauty influencer sih, hahaha. Rasanya senang banget kalau dapet produk kecantikan baru, apalagi kalau dikirim ke rumah dalam bentuk beauty box, rasanya seperti dapet hadiah dari diri sendiri, buat diri sendiri. Dulu banget aku pernah review tentang Vanity Trove, tapi entah terakhir aku cek sih mereka udah ga keluarin beauty box lagi? Jadi kali ini aku coba untuk order dari dan coba untuk subscribe sama sociolla box. Sociolla box ini udah sampai ke pintu rumahku sekitar 1 minggu lalu, tapi aku baru sempet review sekarang, hahaha.