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February 29, 2016

Leap of Faith

The day I met you is the day I believe I was lucky. I was keeping myself busy on my phone in the corridor and you accidentally dropped your papers. Lots of papers. Ah, reckless boy. I got up from my seat and helped you to clean the mess. You looked tired. I offered myself to help you bring those gigantic load of papers to place you should bring it. With a thin smile, you made up your glasses and say "yes please, help me bring it to my car if you don't mind". It was a lucky day, luckiest day I guess. We didn't talk much, but when we reached your car, you asked if you can text me or be a friend in a chat application. That's when all of these things started.

February 4, 2016

you're my cup of tea

Everyone says love hurts, but that is not true. Loneliness hurts. Rejection hurts. Losing someone hurts. Envy hurts. Everyone gets these things confused with love, but in reality love is the only thing in this world that covers up all pain and makes someone feel wonderful again. Love is the only thing in this world that does not hurt.
- Liam Neeson

I was not believing in love, again. I left a guy that became a knight that helped me with my works because I just wasn't have feelings for him. I also was in a frienemies condition with a guy that I used to love but turned out to create big trust issues with me lately. I knew love existed, but somehow I thought it probably forgot to come by into my life. Everything was perfect for anyone else but me. I felt that something was missing in my life and I couldn't find it.

Though I was dying in the circumstances, I tried not to let down anyone. But that's not working, even I created wounds in myself and other. I learned that without inner peace, you can't do anything. You can't. Then I happened to read that quote from Liam Neeson. I said to myself "I am not going to let myself in pain, anymore".

My mom told me to forgive but not to forget, so you couldn't be fooled twice. Seemed like I misunderstood it and took it as "not forgiving at all". I still can't get it, how can you forgive someone without not forgetting their faults? Because if you still remember their faults, those anger and disappointments stay still in your heart and mind. And for me, if I want to have peace and forgive, I have to forget. And I finally understand that forgiving is about giving peace to you, not just about you are right and they are wrong. People may call us foolish, but the most foolish person might be the happiest one. 

I'm feeling like a fool every time I remember my love story. We both are like asymptote line, we can get closer and closer but never meant to be together. But he's my cup of tea, at least he was. Now, as we don't speak anymore, his existence starts to fade between my schedule. I also get myself busy towards other things, yes you can call it as my denial of his memory. I don't wanna sit in the corner and always be remembered by his sweet things. I'm letting you go, as my past love. But I made promise not to wave goodbye to you, I will try my best to work our friendship, keeping it in the best way it could be. If you read this, please understand that I was having a rough time, adapting to live without someone I really care.. but you are my cup of tea, and always are.

Romwe shirt - Charlotte Russe tank top - Nevada Jeans -  HerVelvetVase heels

Hi and hi. After all these months I post about my outfit again! I have thought about abandoning this blog and do my works in college, but everytime I have spare time, I always find myself writing love stories and taking pictures again, to be posted here. I can't express how I like writing beautiful sentences. Maybe I should write a novel? hahaha it was my childhood dream and I dunno if I can make it happen. Now, I am positioned at a critical position in my student organization. I can't easily say no and have myself a lazy time, because they need me. It's also out of my mind to get this position. I just volunteering and helping in the events that held by the organization, but one day, out of blue, I was chosen to have this position. Doing things that you love, can make you go far..

And this post actually was for the Christmas outfit! haha look at the green and red there! however I was too busy managing my "job" in organization, college works, and lately, my own entrepreneur project, so this post was suspended until earlier Feb, ahaha. I'll write more about things that I'm working on, soon! So excited to share about my project with you all :)

Till we meet again, fellas! Believe me I'll get myself back here in every spare time that I have :)

December 24, 2015

Say Something Coffee Jakarta [Review]


Cheers to my first ever place review! I have been stalking food bloggers for a year and I am also a fan of lovely places. At first I wanna give review to Sweet Corner, a great dessert house near my campus, but as you can see in the google result, it has already gained the reviews it needs, so I think about giving other great places review.

Say Something Coffee. I bet most of you are playing "Say Something", A Great Big World's song in your head when you are reading that sentence, hahaha. I found this coffee shop through instagram and I can't deny how cozy this place is. The interior is arranged so minimalist and gives us some space to chill out. I spend time here with my high school friends few days ago and I can tell that this coffee shop is ABSOLUTELY recommended to hang out with your friends or just to have your "me-time". 

Say Something Coffee is a hidden gem in the city, for me. The atmosphere you get when you walk into this coffee shop is kinda livefolk-ish, you can imagine those modern-looked guys take their coffee photos in this place. Say Something Coffee is similar with Koultoura in GreenVille Jakarta. I love both, ahaha. I don't know if this place is just opened or maybe its hidden location that keep this place away from lots of customer. When I visited Say Something Coffee, there's no other customer but me and my friends. I am impressed with how spacious Say Something Coffee is. I have visited some restaurant/cafe/coffee shop in shophouse (ruko) before, and they are really tiny. Overcrowded place and most of them don't have enough seat to serve all incoming customers. But Say Something Coffee is saying something different to the coffee lovers in Jakarta :)

For the menu, since I'm not an expert foodies, all I can say is the cakes taste great! I love their cakes, the flavor is just right when it melts in my tongue. However I'm not quite satisfied with their coffee. The appearance of their coffee is something promising, but the taste doesn't meet my expectation. Probably it will get better in time? If you happen to be around Taman Aries/Kembangan, make sure you visit this cozy Coffee Shop (before it gets overcrowded) !

A photo posted by Helena Natanael (@helenatanael) on

Say Something Coffee
Ruko Grand Aries Niaga Blok G1 No. 2-O Meruya,
Jl. Taman Aries, Kembangan
DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
Instagram: @saysomethingcoffee

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