Let's travel around the world!

By Helena Natanael - Saturday, February 04, 2012

Havasu Falls -  The Last Shangri-La

historic town Freudenberg (on christmas)


Sleeping dog at Strathy Point

Pirámide de Chichen Itzá


Les couleurs du  Maroc - The colors of Morocco

Snow Town

Tanjung Ringgit Lombok


Cañon del sumidero.

Admiring the view

Big Daddy...

Paradise Bora Bora lagoon

casitas de colores

Bonjour! (it's French, means hello - and good morning, because it's 2 AM in my hometown, hahaha 1 word with 2 meanings!)

Next week is really an answer of my prayers. I'll go to school for only 2 days! hahaha.. that's because the classes will be used by 12th grader, who are going to face "some exercise" for the national examination. Good luck for my seniors, hope you guys pass the national examination with great scores, do your best and God will do the rest :)

This post is inspired by UndefiniteDot's respond of my previous post :
" ..... If I could, I'd like to visit all the world, because every place has something unique and I want to discover it on my own! Then I'll keep the best of each place in my heart :)"

 So, I'm heading to no limit's tumblr, and take some pictures from beautiful places around the world. Actually, she isn't the owner of the photographs. She just wanna share and picks some mesmerizing photographs from flickr. However her picks are awesome! She made me always dreaming to visit those place soon... Her tumblr is absolutely recommended! ♥

These photograph are from flickr, except the first photo and last two photos. Are you see something familiar in the last photo? Yep, there's a photograph of me when I was a little kit! ahaha... actually the last photo is the thingies above my piano. My dad's boss often go to Europe, so he usually brings souvenir when he back for my dad and his friends. If you visit my home someday, don't be surprised if there are lots of European souvenir and miniature! :)

Sneak peek for next post :  related with cats and kitten!

Which photo you like the most and which photo you don't like? I'd love to know it :)
Have a great day!


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