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January 27, 2012

the Lunar's Light

Novel Mice tops, unbranded pants, Mom's bag, gift from a friend bracelet, The little things she needs flat shoes

Heiyaa all! Happy belated Chinese Lunar New Year. In my country, this occasion is celebrated with so much excitement.. Especially in big malls. So these are some photograph I took when I went to one of some famous mall in my city. I love the decoration, so breath-taking! The events is also satisfying, this mall is one of my favorite malls.

By the way, my school has drove me crazy. This week brings me more pressure than I predicted. Next week, lots of exams and tests are already in queue.. *sigh*. Wish me luck so I can pass through it in one piece, hahaha.

Hows your week going? Have you been busy with some routine/activities? Hope you have another great week!

Photo Credit: by Helen, taken in Central Park, Jakarta, Indonesia.