Coloring the new year

By Helena Natanael - Wednesday, January 04, 2012


 trying to make a heart firework.. but failed.. (-__-")

Hello loves! These days I'm very busy, going here and going there.. so much occasions to attend! oh yes, and Happy New Year 2012 for you all! hope we all have one more amazing year to go through! (and the apocalypse that Mayan predicted will not happen-hey we're too young to die!)

Recently, I'm falling in love with B&W photography style. Until I went to Taman Anggrek to have my own little Christmas (see my previous post to read how my christmas day goin' - click here) and I found a multi-color tablecloth in a store! that cute tablecloth made me "out of love" with B&W, and admiring the "normal" photography again, which is full of colors! Life isn't about see the black side or the white side only, is it? It's about experiencing more "colors" to brighten up your life :)

The new year occasion is already passed, whats next? I bet this year will be special, with 29 days of February of course! Were you born in 29th February? :)

Have yourself a nice day! See you soon!

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