By Helena Natanael - Sunday, January 08, 2012

Hello again!
This grand piano miniature, is a birthday gift from my best friend, Klara Ameliana, for my sweet 16th birthday last month (click here too see the post). I love this piano miniature so much :') She said the reason why she gave me this piano miniature, is because piano and music are my life. Yeah, I've learned piano since I was 4 years old, when I was in kindergarten! gosh... almost 12 years I've been so close with piano.

But nowadays I haven't enough time to play piano.. because of my busy busy school. Ah. I remembered that tomorrow my holiday is over and I'm going back to school routine. I'll try to keep this blog update, but just in case, apologize me if I can't update this blog as often as holiday time. Okay?

I'm making a short post today, so I leave you with my favorite classical music, Valse opus 69 no. 1. Hope you like it as I do <3


Have a nice day, and see you soon!

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