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December 9, 2011

Dreamy December.

Heiyyaaa Guys!

December is my favorite month all over the year. My birthday is on December, so be the Christmas! *screaming happily*

This year is the most amazing year I've been through. Started at the cool place, Puncak, going through busy Valentine, getting some excessive appreciation (but yeah I do love it!), moved into elite new school, having a petite reunion with close friends, getting crazy-mazing new high school friends, crawling to get good scores in new school, and recently, having a pleasant sweet sixteen birthday celebration! :")



little birthcake :Dspaghetti.. yum!

toblerone X-mas edition

little birthcake
this mini size of Black Forest, my mom bought it for me. Isn't that cute?

chocoramel soursally

This is my first surprise birthday celebration from my friends! All of these surprising unexpected moments started when we finally finished all exams. Then we went to Central Park, by Aurel's and Clara's car. Then, we ate in Solaria, visited Sangaji Music (CD Store) and bought some accs in Stoberi. After it, we went to Fun World. Shella throw down the gauntlet to play pump, directly to me. I accept it even-though I know my skill is not very good, hey I haven't played it for a year! hahaha. I've predicted that I'll lose, remembering my bad skill, I need to practice more, lol. Shella's a skilled pumper! Her foot was so agile, pressing here, preing there, double press, oh my gosh.

the 6
Left to Right : Aurel, Clara, Cindy, Shella, Me, Jessica.


jessica and me

Realizes that it's almost 4 p.m., we went to sour sally (I've planned to buy some yoghurt for them). Mysteriously, Aurel and Jessica gone. I asked Clara, she said maybe they're going to restroom for awhile. We ordered our yoghurt, and when I was taking our yoghurt, suddenly Shella close my eyes with a kind of scarf. I was blind for a few minutes. Shella asked me to sit. Then, I opened the scarf that binds my head, and viola! there was a birthday cake with candles shaped 1 and 6, in front of me. For few seconds I thought that was a dream.


making wishes
Making some wishes.. It's just between Me and God :p

team-maker 2

this is we.

the team-maker


my beloved "frenzy"!


Jessica, the girl who spreads some cheer that day.

It was a such amazing day.. Thank you for being there guys! You all realized me that I am loved. So much loved and cared. Thank you and thank you !!!

birthday cake!

Have a nice December! Cheers!