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By Helena Natanael - Sunday, December 30, 2012


New Year is nearly here, I'm so glad to welcome it! along 2012, it's kind of up and down for me. I'm glad for my achievement along this year, like a massive improvement in blogging, and get featured in some places. The one that I really love is when my photograph being featured in KOMPAS daily newspaper, in Rana Muda rubric, 19th October 2012. It's such an honor! It gives me confidence boost. KOMPAS is one of some well-known daily newspaper in Indonesia. Being featured in it, with hundred of eyes reading it everyday, gees I couldn't be happier.


This time I want to share more about my life. Beside my addiction to blog and photograph things, I like to browse videos on youtube and keep my smartphone's playlist updated by listening to new songs on [V] channel. This time I want to share 10 videos and 7 songs that I like in no particular order :D So let's start, shall we?

What Makes you beautiful - The Piano Guys (One Direction cover)
How could 1 piano makes so many different melodies? This is just mind-blowing.

Peponi - The Piano Guys (Coldplay's Paradise cover)
I got goosebumps when I watch and I hear this cover. They added African traditional style to this video, kinda look like Disney's Lion King music. Super love these Piano guys! :D

Safe and Sound - Taylor Swift ft The Civil Wars (The Hunger Games ost)
I'm speechless about this song. This song is just brilliant.

Payphone - Jun Sung Ahn (Maroon 5 cover)
These recent 2 months, I regularly checked his youtube channel. This violin guy created lovely musics from his violin cover of some popular songs. His name is similar to Sungha Jung, right? But the difference are: Jun Sung Ahn is older than Sungha, he plays violin (Sungha Jung plays guitar) and he lives in America (Sungha Jung lives in South Korea). Jun Sung Ahn is also more humorist and cheerful than Sungha, lol.

Russian Unicorn - Bad Lip Reading (Michael Buble's Havent Met You Yet cover)
At first I laughed when I watch this! these guys are so ridiculous and creative, how could they imagine these words to replace the Haven't Met You Yet original lyrics? But then I think how about Michael Buble's feeling when he knows about this video? He would be so angry like most celebrity/famous singer used to do. But hey, I found Michael Buble's video response to this video, and he don't even mad! Oh such a nice man. His video response to Bad Lip Reading's Russian Unicorn just make me admire him more than before :D Below is Michael Buble's response!

such a sweet and humble man, doesn't he?

Need You Now - Lady Antebellum
This song is deep, really. The words they're singing, amazed me. Bravo, Lady Antebellum! :D

Tears in Heaven - Sungha Jung
I know this video was made years ago. Look at that little Sungha. He had grown up now. lol. However he still as outstanding as I first know about him. From all his covers and songs, I love this song the most. Remembering me with someone in heaven, that waiting for me. Ah why I become so emotional? hehe okay just enjoy the video :D

→ Bad Boy -Big Bang
I first watch this music video from [V] channel. Gees, this is cool. Though I don't understand what they're singing, I just feel connected and I like it :)

→ Got to Dance 2012 - Antics Semifinal
This is what dancing about. They've got the face, and they got the move! I adore the way they adapt when Matthew can't perform and they should change almost all of their moves. High five for Antics!

→ Orang Ketiga - HiVi
this is a newcomer Indonesian band. I'm not a fan of them, but I like this song and I think their music video concept is cool. Way to go, HiVi!

10 songs that I like:
  • LOVE - Michael Buble (new version of Frank Sinatra's): Just love this song! Michael has added young and fresh soul to this old lovely song ♥ It's a little bit hard to find this song, and I can't find the official video of this song. So I want to share the video of this song I find on youtube (not official)
  • The Girl From Ipanema - Olivia Ong (new version of Frank Sinatra's): Another version of Frank's song! But I prefer to Olivia Ong's version, more cheerful and jazzy maybe?
  • Fly Me to the Moon - Kenny G: Have I told you that I love instrumental musics so much? Really, everytime I hear this, feel like I'm flying to the moon XD
  • Nothing Lasts Forever - RAN: this is the one and only Indonesian band that I like. They serve different and playful songs. Nothing Lasts Forever is my favorite song of them.
  • Falling - Park Jin Young (Dream High 2 ost): I'm not a fan of K-drama (korean drama), I heard this song when I watch the Dream High 2. My cousin, Gladys, force me to watch that K-drama, lol. And thanks for her, I found this song when I watch that K-drama :D
  • Locked Out of Heaven - Bruno Mars: I feel like Michael Jackson's soul invaded to Bruno Mars in this song! Super funky and kind of oldies song. Don't really like the video though, I just like the song, haha. I hear this song for the first time on Victoria's Secret show 2012 :p 
  • Heaven - Ailee: Her voice is just outstanding. So bold and I love to hear her voice! 

 Nah, that's all videos and songs that I like along 2012. Hope you enjoy it as well as I do.
Btw people, I've got a great news! You may know about beautybox that contains beauty samples to try. Usually those beautybox available in US residents only, like GlossyBox, Ipsy Bag, and BirchBox. Recently, I read from sis Kay's blog that Malaysia has already launched their first beautybox, named LilacBox. I search on google about Indonesia Beautybox, and.... Indonesia has their own beautybox too!! Yay!!! The name of Indonesia's beautybox is LolaBox. Get subscribed now and you may got your first beautybox for free :)
Click here to pop there directly ♥ 

 Happy holidays and have yourself a festive New Year's eve!


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    1. thank you for your visit to my blog dear :)
      congratulations for ur photo dear :)

    2. Heey, you have a lovely blog! Would you like to follow each other? :)

      Happy New Year btw!

      xx BBella

    3. turns out your musical preferences are not so far from mine :) try searching for adithia sofyan, you'll love him!

      Pudding Monster

    4. wow i love tears in heaven by eric clapton the song is very sad TT__TT btw the lolabox is very interesting >.<

    5. kalau aku suka Falling - Park Jin Young soalnya bikin jingkrak-jingkrak :D

      Eh tolong dong gak pakai energy saving mode. soalnya aku pakai netbook, naha kalau diklik eh tiba2 ngeklik balik ke home. mengganggau. enak2 ngetik kok muncum item2 :(

      hihi. makasih ya

    6. Congrats for you award ci:) I also love bigbang's bad boy hahaha anyway, Happy new year^^

      Eka Theresia♥

    7. love these song!

    8. I love Taylor Swift ^^

    9. kapan lolabox launch yaa? penasaran ><

    10. you have an amazing blog :) congrats for the featured photo on Kompas btw, those photo looks great ;)
      Happy new year!

    11. Happy New Year, dear... I'm so glad about your achievements in 2012, i wish you a more fruitful year this 2013.

    12. Happy new year and those are great list of songs! Congratz for being featured on Kompas :)


    13. A very happy new to you! Oh my gosh, that Michael Buble video cracked me up so hard x)

    14. Thankyou for visiting my blog back dear! ^w^
      Hope you get your first box from lolabox ^w^

    15. I love all those songs, but Coldplay is still my favorite!

      xoxo The Daily Fashion Drug

    16. wow foto hasil jepretanmu masuk koran? >.< keren

    17. suka fotografi ya? Eh gimana sih biar bisa ambil angle yang pas? itu naganya berapa kali jepret?

    18. uwaa.. congrats for your photo being featured! ^^d

      I looovee Bigbang! Have ou watch 2NE1? You should! >_<

      May this 2013 be better for us! ^^

    19. congrats for the featured helena !! anw thanks for sharing all video really good !! i love the video when he plays violin and playing payphone :)

      btw join my giveaway ft

    20. hwaaa..keren banget helena...congratssss ^^

    21. btw aku ga gitu suka lagu korea entah kenapa mungkin nga ngerti x ya wkwk lagu fav ku mindy gledhill-winter moon .. suaranya lembut enak ^^


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