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By Helena Natanael - Thursday, December 20, 2012

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'Tis the season to celebrate, be merry, and spend time with even the most trying of your relatives. Whether they travel to you or you travel to them, someone is going to be making that annual holiday journey. The time from Thanksgiving through New Years is traditionally one of the most-traveled times of the year, and while popular movies and media tend to portray airports as the craziest scenes for holiday travel, the reality is that 91% of holiday travelers actually make seasonal journeys via their personal cars and vehicles. The less surprising detail? Most of those travelers happen to consider the whole ordeal to be stressful at the very least.

This past Thanksgiving, well over 38 million people—and their cars—hopped on the nation’s roadways in order to visit far-flung friends and family. With an increase in traffic, constantly climbing gas prices, and the potential problem of the family members you’re off to see, it’s no wonder that this rush of holiday travel can be overwhelming and, sometimes, even dreaded. The following infographic takes a look at some of the numbers behind what goes into making holiday travel stressful, as well as how travelers really feel when they reach their destination.

Internships Infographic

Such a better way to share a survey to people, right? We have to admit that survey with graphics, pictures, or cartoon like above, are more interesting to be read. Thank you for sharing :)

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