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By Helena Natanael - Monday, July 30, 2012


Last week I went to a Mall in West Jakarta, to watch the newest Batman movie. I bet you all have known it, right? lol. Because the cinema didn't allow us to get in (if I brought DSLR camera), so sadly I didn't bring my DSLR. I only brought my pocket camera. So apologize me about the below-average quality photos :(

I just received this stunning shirt from OASAP, and I quickly fall in love with the fabric of this shirt. So comfortable to wear! The heart pattern is adorable too, makes me feel full of love and happiness. I don't know is it only my feeling or it's true, I think the fabric is a little bit mixed with water-proof material. When I was having lunch at Glosis before watch the movie, my shirt was spilled by the ketchup sauce! I quickly took some tissue and clean it up, and it became clean, only leaves little grayish spot on my shirt (you can see it on my close up photo below). If I wear another shirt, it will leaves a big embarrassing spot on my chest. Gosh I feel lucky, because I wore the right shirt that day, lol. Since that day, this heart pattern shirt from OASAP becomes one of my favorite clothes in my closet :)

How's life, guys? Recently I like to update the playlist music on my phone, any recommended songs? Share with me about your favorite song or movie :D

OASAP Colorful Sweet Hearts Printing chiffon shirt, Bellezza bag, PerfectPearl necklace, 
Nevada shorts, GrazieDio US-UK ring, The Little Things She Needs flats.

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