Corruption : Wrong way to achieve happiness (#3)

By Helena Natanael - Saturday, August 11, 2012


Hows your week going? Mine is so-so, these few days I get stressed and mad so easily, blame the assessments and tests from my school! hah...  However thank you for my friends, they are the best! They support me in my up-and-down life, super glad to have them and realize that they are my true friends.. This time I'm going to post a chained post, started from Kiki's blog, to Claire's blog, and now mine. 

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Indonesia still include on the world's 100 most corrupt country in 2011. Guess why? I think it's because people always look for a job that generate much money for them. Let's go into our deep heart. What you exactly searching for in your life? is it money? I'm not gonna be a hypocrite here. I admit that money is important. But it's not the most important thing in life because we live here particulary for looking for happiness. Don't you agree with me? What we doin everyday, we eat, we buy something, we share love, that's just for the sake of earn more happiness for our self. I know this maybe kinda weird to relate the corruption thingie with happiness. But I have a thought that it less or more relate each other. Sometime they (the corruption doers) do the corruption thingie for the sake of their (or their family) happiness, isn't? So, why don't we teach them how to achieve a happy life with the other way (instead of money, I mean). 

I know one common thing that never fail to make someone happy. That is to do something that they like. If you like to write, then be a writer. If you like art, then be the artist anyway. I know it will not gonna be that easy. But that is the key. Get a job that relate to what you love to do! I remember, Steve Jobs also have ever said that 'we have to try to get know what we love to do'. That's the basic rule of life. The point is, I believe when we have a job that relate to what we love to do, we gonna simply being happy and never have a thought to do something bad to gain more happiness. (#1)

Honestly, as an Indonesian citizen I do ashame with my Country. Indonesian is one of the country which has the highest corruption cases. I mean, look all around people. There's a lot of a poor families who can affordable food,house,clothes,etc. Where's the money from taxes gone? Why The Goverment doesn't afford anything to make Indonesia has less corruption cases? Sucks isn't it? How can we build a great nations if our money is used only by government? How about other's fate? Have government thought about that? I guess there's no way they think about it, because they're so selfish.

The Goverment shouldn't think about their own happiness
. They shouldn't corrupt citizens're money. The money should use for fix our nation's economy life, to help many people out there ! Where's the Goverment's Heart?  I think their occupation makes their heart blind and doesn't care to anybody. Claire said, "Sometimes, you forget your God, you forget how to compare which bad and which good when you have a power." (#2)
In my opinion, Indonesian people are actually good and family-oriented. They are well-known overseas as "kind people". Since long time ago, Indonesian always do their best to make their family happy and eat enough food, work hard night and day. But when the time changes, their way to make their family happy is changing too. They are lazy to work hard, but they want to be rich and make their family proud. So they are taking the shortcut to be a rich family/person in a blink of an eye, yes, by doing corruption.

If they would like to think harder, there are many ways to be rich without "walking in the wrong path". They can make a new app to use in smartphones, and they can earn big income by selling it. They can be designer, look at Cavalli, D&G, they are rich and they are doing it in their good ways, by improving people's wearing right? We don't need to be a politician to be rich. We just need to be ourselves and brighten the world with our ideas.

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