Infinity on me // Oasap silk dress giveaway winner

By Helena Natanael - Friday, July 27, 2012


First I wanna thank all people on my last post who cheering me up and give support to me :) Sorry I haven't had the right time to blog-walk and replying each one of your comments. But I promise that every comment on this blog, will be replied by me, sooner or later.

These first days being on Science class are crazy and hectic. That's what I feel right now. No other comments. High School are pretty tiring, but the real life (college/university then go to work) after this phase looks more tiring. I start to wonder, "What if we woke up, as a baby, and our whole life had been a dream?" (idea from @Autocorrects on twitter) That will be SO AWESOME! hahaha.. yah, unfortunately it's just impossible :( I just miss my old memories on primary school. The routine isn't as insane as this. *sigh* No matter how, I should try to love the activities and daily routine at school. School is cool!

Baleno Black Tee, Romwe Assymetrical Galaxy Skirt, 
Diva ring + studded ring, Noche sandals

By the way, the winner of my OASAP silk dress giveaway is....

Francesca Margariti

the winner is picked randomly by Oasap. Congratulation Francesca! Please claim your gift before 31st July 2012 by replying e-mail that Oasap has been sent to you. For others, cheer up, more giveaways is coming soon :)

Have a nice day, and for those who are in high school (just like me), keep fighting and do your best!

Credit goes to Ellyzabeth Tanaya, the photographer.
These photos are taken on the rooftop on Ellyzabeth's home.
The owl ring on Pic 3, is owned by Ellyzabeth too :)

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