Behind The Scene: Four Seasons

By Helena Natanael - Friday, July 20, 2012

Heyya All!

Nah, now we're all back to school. I'm an eleventh grader now. Yes, I made it and now going to science class. But, yah, I admit I feel a bit scared about this horror class. All tasks here... are annoying. And good scores not come easily. Sometimes I miss my old times on primary school, when I don't need to study anything before the test and still got 95 out of 100 score. However life always go on. Wish me the best, I hope I can keep myself on top 10 rank. This will very useful when I apply to college or university, next 2 years. I'm targeting to get a scholarship from an University in Australia. For now, I'm interested with University of Technology, Sydney, Computer Programming faculty. Second option, if I don't get the scholarship, I'll continue my education in Jakarta of course :)

By the way, thank you for amazing feedback on my Second Fashion-Photography Lookbook: Four Seasons. I'm so glad :'D So here are some behind-the-scene photographs, no filter, no color balance changes, original images, only got some resize :)

*when summer meet winter :p*

*preparing for the shoot*

*self camera*

*my face is kind of epic fail, lol*

 *Aurelia, Sesilia, and JESSICA, LOL. Jess will kill me when she look at this pic!*

*Jessica with silly face (again). FYI, actually she's a silly funny girl who makes everyone love to be around.. 
Psst do you know she's freaking smart in my class?*


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