The Last

By Helena Natanael - Saturday, December 31, 2016

You might not be my first love. But you are the love that makes other seems irrelevant.

I was looking at you while you were eating that lamb satay with super hot chili. You noticed me and threw your sight away, "don't look at me, hahaha". I just met you 2 years ago but somehow I felt like I had known you forever. A kind man that might not enter my life twice. A kind of man that seems like the answer of my prayers. A kind of man that I hope can be together until we are grey and old.

I always wish you could be my last love, but that seem irrelevant. I want to fight for you, but in the other hand I was always told to let you go. Spending time with you is making me happy at the day, but it left me crying at the night. It makes my heart feel uneasy, it bonds me and you closer. It hurts me when I realize that another lucky woman is going to be your wife. I have succeeded in ignoring you, but then you also have succeeded in getting close again to my heart. I don't know what to do when the source of my happiness and my pain is from the same person. Certain things catch my eyes, but only you capture my heart...

Unbranded Top - Denim Skirt by Seera - Bracelet by Something Borrowed -
Bag by Rosewe - Gold Sequin Slip On by LYKE

This is the last post of me in 2016! Such a busy, busy, busy, and sleepless year, yet I learn a lot. Leaving my organization, my second home, feels not good. But hey, better things are coming!

I also wanna be grateful for a person that always got my back. He's a very close friend of mine, the closest among the boys. So I want his picture and me is (kind of) documented here in my blog? hahaha. Once again, thank you man, you're the best!

There's also the fellas that bright up my college life (and sometimes let me down, lol). We're all going to go separate ways.. but I'm hoping to see you guys around soon. Thank you guys!

You can always retake a class, but you can never relive a party (or in this case, moments?) I'm looking forward to find out what 2017 is going to do with my life. Happy New Year 2017 and Happy Holidays, fellas! for holiday cards inspiration, you should check Paperless Post, they have best designs for your cards.

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