Glorious Steps

By Helena Natanael - Thursday, December 08, 2016

Yesterday was a history. Tomorrow is a mystery.
But today is a gift, that's why we called it "Present".

Everytime I saw a varsity jacket, I saw a pride. A pride that the students brought with them everytime they showed off their jacket by wearing them. A pride for their school, a pride for their achievement (correct me if I'm wrong, seem like the varsity jacket originally made for the baseball players? the players' number and initial was sewed into their jackets).


Like a baseball player, here are we all. Every single step we take, is crucial.  It may bring us victory or bring us misery of loss. Sometimes we win, but sometimes we learn. It's really related with life. This year have been a glorious steps for me overall, though I have took wrong steps that hurt me, but what's important is I get myself up again after falling. But then, there's a little thing that people usually forget, and this little thing is the main part of winning every match. To feel like a winner, it's not how we wear our "varsity jacket" or how comfy our "golden shoes", it lies beyond them, and it is called "being grateful". Simple thought like "I'm blessed" sometimes the only way to get rid of the burdens of failure.

Varsity Jacket by HIMTI Binus University -  tees by TheBibleSays
Dreamcatcher necklace by Born Pretty Store -  Gold Sequin Slip On by LYKE

We will never win at everything, but by being grateful, we learn to let go and realize may be it's not our path of life. We learn to deal with our failures and it brings peace so we can focus on other important things that coming. The most pathetic person is the one that hold on to their past and failures. 

The end of year is coming, and yasss as a December baby, I'm 21 now! Seems like getting old and getting licensed to do more things as an adult, but going to night clubs or creating credit cards seem like a no from me. So what should I do to enjoy my 21? my mom whispered "go get yourself a boyfriend!" lol, mum.... (insert forced smile emoticon here). On my previous birthdays, my parents told me not to have one, now they are starting to hope I get one?!?! Oh man, am I looking old? hahaha. Have a great day, fellas!

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