Golden Hours

By Helena Natanael - Tuesday, February 14, 2017

While they all fall in love with her smile, 
she waits for one who will fall in love with her scars.

They were walking together when suddenly he grabbed her hand. Her heart skipped a beat, but then, she smiled and held his hand firmly. He said "say you wont let go?" and she replied, "of course, my dear". She loved him. And she believed that he loved her in return. That was one from plenty of beautiful moments, that started from a simple good night hug. She never expected that simple yet meaningful hug, was the beginning of the "golden hours" of her life. The "hours" that made her think "this is why it never work with anyone else". The "hours" that every single detail was captured in her mind and heart.

She buried her head in his chest and listened to his heartbeat. She had his arms around her body. She laughed to his jokes till 2 AM and sometimes had the deep talk with him. She wasn't afraid to share her thoughts with him, because she believed he will supported her and will warn her if she were going to do something wrong. Was it very magical and wonderful, to have found your soulmate, and to keep learning and growing with him?

He is her precious baby and their memory is her "golden hours". His love is handmade for somebody like her, it completes her. "You know that I love you without having to say it too often, right dear?" she asked him and snuggled down. "Yeah, you don't have to say it, though I will be very happy to hear it often hahaha" he replied her and ran his fingers through her hair. She looked at his eyes and smooched him. Suddenly the world become silent... and all they felt were deep affections and warmth in their hearts.

Hello fellas!
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P.S.: Sending some love to my gurls! I love them 

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