By Helena Natanael - Wednesday, March 01, 2017

If there's a better word than I Love You, I would've been using it and saying it to you.
- Billy Darmawan

Just one kiss. Sometimes that is all it takes for a heart to lose its balance. She was keeping herself away from him. She keeps telling herself "romantic relationship between me and him is impossible, we rather remain best friends than hurting each other". But his intuition and his hope, regains her trust and her feelings about the truth. She believes that she is in control of her feelings, but she is not. It's hard to hear the melody of the heart when your thoughts are playing their own songs. And in this case, her thoughts are full of deep sorrow, when her heart has plenty of love to be shared with him.

That kiss in February, awakes her consciousness, the consciousness that has been buried deep down in the bottom of her mind, that she loved him so much. That kiss, gives her strength to go against all her doubts. That kiss, is a precise clarity of the way she wants to project her future. Even the words are never going to explain perfectly about her feelings to him. It is warm, it is confusing, it is surprising, it is stressful, it is beautiful, it is strange, it is hopeful, it is wrong, yet it is also right. Feels like finding your own way in a labyrinth of life, when you stuck between happy moments and sad moments constantly. It's still a gamble whether she will end up with him as husband and wife, or just being visitors in each other's wedding. However, both of them are happy endings for her, as long as both of them keep their promise: not to leave each other and still care until they grey and old.

Hello readers!
It's 1st March and this month I'm going to start internship in a company located in Kuningan, South Jakarta. Southern Jakarta has been known as a business district, you will encounter people wearing formal clothes passing by. I'm worried but excited at the same time, I really hope my internship is going well.

This time I want to share my opinion about formal-but-stylish pants inspiration. Working in an office with semiformal to formal dresscode, I think it's my challenge to mix my look and make it look not boring. So I browsed StyleWe and just fashion now for clothes inspiration. Here are some pants on my wishlist:

This Navy Blue Striped Pants will be the eyecatcher in your whole look. Become a smart-looking woman, is the new definition of attractive. Combining it with a blouse with pale tone such as pastels and an oxford shoes, would be great!

You can also match this Zipper Wide Leg Pants with a black heels and a turtleneck top in dark color. Monochrome for a formal look is always a safe option, yet still looking chic.

Lastly, pastels for pants? why not? this Beige Pants will make you become the spotlight among other female co-workers. It is delicate, but still shows a hard-working spirit within.

That's all my wishlist for expanding my pants collection, hahaha. Enjoy your March, readers!

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