Pinky Shade of Slay

By Helena Natanael - Sunday, September 18, 2016

She combed her wavy hair and put some make up on. She chose to wear whitish look with a shade of pink. After doing twirl in front of mirror, she grabbed her purse and  go downstairs, straight to the living room. When her eyes met his, her cheeks turn rosy. He stood up and smile. "You looked absolutely beautiful as always", he complimented her. Before she could say a word, he reached her hand and said, "let's go!".

Seeing clouds floating above her head through the sunroof, feeling the kiss from sun on her skin, passing by hundreds of trees outside the car, and sitting next to person that means the whole world for her; she felt extremely lucky. "So what is the name of your outfit today? Angel in Disguise, Pale-ntine, Summertime Madness?". She rolled her eyes and quickly replied, "Umm, Pinky Shade of Slay? hahaha". He laughed and said,"hahaha, I see, you totally slayed my sanity right now". They both burst into laughter. Certain things might catch her eye, but only him that captured her heart.

 Unbranded White loose Tees - Crystal Necklace by Bellast - Unbranded Accessories -
 Jeans by Corniche -   Pink Slip On by Elite

Hi all!

Yes I do a haircut! This is the haircut that I had 2 years ago. Taking a look on these outfit photos make me feel like going back in time, like these photos are me in 2014 hahaha. Gee, it's already halfway ending September and 2016 is almost over, seem like I've done a lot but in the other hand haven't done a lot too! (P.S.: rainy season is here again, and I probably won't wear whitish outfit for the rest of the year because it can be easily get dirty below the rain? lol). 

Talking about time, recently I'm looking to add more watches in my collection. Having a busy college schedule pushed me to be well-organized and on-time. So my watches has been a good company for me in college. It doesn't only show the time, it also a good accessory to complete your look. There's only one feature that watches nowadays haven't possess: rewind the time, hahaha. 

I've browsed lots of fashion shop online but Zalora Indonesia's Seiko watches collection get my attention. I thought Seiko's watches only for professionals or kind of businessman/businesswoman, but I found out that their design also suits young adult like me, I could imagine wearing Seiko's watch in my next outfit! hahaha. How about you guys? Do you like to wear watch like I do? Have a great week ahead! :)

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