Getting Festive

By Helena Natanael - Saturday, January 04, 2014

Happy New Year 2014!
I'm so excited yet a bit scared about this new year. Because lots of things gonna happen in this year. Graduation  and college life. Sometimes I just feel like I'm not ready. I still wanna play around and don't wanna grow up yet. But time flies and I don't have any power to pause it.

I wore this on my friend's birthday party. This is my last outfit post taken by my Canon DSLR. My DSLR is lost, with all its equipment such as charger, lens cleaning kit, and bag, also with 2 sunnies inside my camera bag. The one who find it is really lucky, right? At this moment I just don't know if I will continue posting outfit posts. Seems like this blog is going to become a random chitchat blog like it used to be before.. this incident just breaks my heart. My plan to join the photography club at college is also just a dream now. I just wish my camera could back, or my parents are generous enough to give me a new one. I just keep "everything happens for a reason" quote in my mind these past few days. Maybe God is directing me to find new hobby.

Black Dress - Esprise
Hairpins - New Look
Belt - mom's
Heelss - Nine West

I wanna post about this outfit because I'm currently in love with these hairpins by New Look. It's just really pretty in my opinion! I'm also into simple hairdos nowadays. Lucky me, my mom always gives a hand everytime I wanna try new hairdos :)

Psst, I just made my own custom flipcase for my phone and I wanna give credit to Jessica Xu for her lovely cupcake design. It makes my phone's case looks pretty! She's a talented girl for sure! You should check her blog ;)

Wishing you guys a good day and a good year ahead! :)
Photographer: Aurelia Karina

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