January Captures

By Helena Natanael - Sunday, January 27, 2013


Last week I went to the new stop near my home. Actually this stop was already there since several years ago, but the building was renovated recently and it gave new "cozy atmosphere" which was calling me and Aurelia to come. It's Dunkin Donuts! :) The cherry croissant was mine and the Chocolate Donut was Aurel's. We were having a good time by spending it at Dunkin' Donuts Metro Permata 1, Ciledug-Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia.

My nephew, Joe Nathan Adrianto, had celebrated his 5th birthday! Happy Birthday, boy! His mom (which is also my cousin), asked me to give her a favor. Joe celebrated his 5th birthday on
last 23rd December 2012. On earlier December, his mom asked me to design a "thank you for coming" card that would be given to the guests with a souvenir. I designed it and sent it immediately to Joe's mom e-mail. Good for me, his mom liked it so much! Several days after Joe's 5th birthday party, his mom visited my home and given me this lovely rainbow cake miniature, plus my "thank you card" design printed with it! Yup, it is Joe's birthday party souvenir! Superrrr lovely, isn't it? I'm really proud to be involved in my nephew's birthday.

this is my design of the thank you card on Photoshop

Then, I received the package from Simply Oshin handmade store last week. Have I told you that I'm interested with handmade thingies, especially the local one, recently? I think handmade means special customization, it's unique and different. You won't find similar thing with it. That's why I've been reading several handmade blogs/shops these last few months. Good for me, Simply Oshin was having a giveaway last month. I joined it, and I won it from their giveaway! Actually I want the Red Riding hood wallet, I was craving for that kind of wallet. But I won their bikini ecobag, so I'm ok with that hahaha. When the package arrived, I'm thrilled. It's really cute and beyond my expectation! I love the fabric and the color. It was really made with love. I haven't found anything with bikini prints fabric before, lol. I will wear it and use it, thanks a lot Simply Oshin! You should check their website, they sells so much goodies in whimsical touch, 100% made with love ;)

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