Paperless is the new trend [Review]

By Helena Natanael - 5:25 PM

What do you guys think is essential in life?

For me, it's celebration. Every occasion; birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations, etc. We should celebrate every milestone in our life and be thankful of it. I love the idea of celebrating and kind of cherishing an event, or even an action. Because without that, our life is not worth living.

I was introduced to Paperless Post few weeks ago and I like the idea of creating paperless cards. It can be suitable for anything; wedding invitations, bridal shower invitations, company gathering invitations, birthday cards, thank you cards, and even your customized occasion card! Paperless cards is faster in reaching people, and not to mention is a greener way to prevent the bigger damage of global warming.

Paperless Post works best in iOS app version, where you can easily track your cards. But I am currently not using iPhone and accessing it using my web browser, but I'm glad the experience of creating paperless cards is still great via web browser. 

After choosing the card you want to use, you will be directed to the editor page. In the editor page, you can customized the text, design, colors, and backdrop of your paperless card.

Ta da! after done designing, you can insert your recipients e-mail. You can also send yourself a free test of your card, to see how the card looks like in your intended e-mail's inbox.

Easy to choose the designs that you want, easy to be customized, and you can track your cards easily for RSVP's. Pssst, if you would like to have a hard copy of your card, you can also order the printed version of it! But the printed version is available in limited country and for selected cards only, I do hope they can improve it. I am certainly going to use Paperless Post again for any near occasions. I think you should check them out too :)

P.S.: This post is affiliated with Paperless Post, however I write honest opinion of the product and hoping that you guys would find it useful.

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