Truly Yours

By Helena Natanael - Monday, June 26, 2017

You know it's love when you have seen his soul and all their flaws is acceptable. You don't scared of it, you don't want to run from it, you don't hate it. Sometimes when reality kicks in, you may think "how a fool I am" for being with him, that you might find a better one someday. But in the other days, you may think "how a fool I am" for thinking of leaving him, knowing that when you have found the one that meets your needs, you don't have to be that kind of arrogant, your dreams are already fulfilled with this man.

Love is not a one kind of "happen once and will last forever". You and him gotta work on it, in every single day. You fall in love and sometimes you fall out, but what makes it gonna last is the effort you and him put in it. To find way into each other's arms again after every misunderstanding. To know the art of being overly attached in some days but still give the space for me-time on the other days. To keep being reminded of how beautiful you are when you forget it and feeling like a gigantic creature of fat. To know that both of you have to lower your ego and don't let any anger pass the night. staying there until the sun comes out. To encourage each other for achieving their dreams but still warn them when you think it's too risky. 

It even comes in small things, like not waking him up when he is falling asleep in your chest too soon, but when you think he has got enough rest, you give him a kiss in a forehead. He may complain "Why not on my lips? it is way more romantic", and you can answer "because your lips is way out of my reach, but instead of complaining why don't you kiss me either right now?". Both of you will laugh together on those silly things. But believe me, such things like that is what makes your love story not dull. And it will makes both of you keep falling everyday. Nobody said working on love will be easy, but once you know how, and your loved one know how, you both will be grateful that such beautiful feeling exists. It is the blessing that everyone can have, but only few can experience. And when it's your luck to finally find love, embrace it and just say "I'm truly yours".

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