2nd Photography Lookbook: Four Seasons

By Helena Natanael - Monday, July 09, 2012

 Another Fashion-Photography Lookbook for my summer holiday project. So happy with this lookbook! My First lookbook with Ellyzabeth has received lots of feedback, one of them is "to change my watermark". Yes, I think my first ever watermark is really annoying.. and the placement is bad too. So I have made my new watermark, hope this time it could be right *crossing finger* What do you think, folks? I'd love to hear what's on your mind :)

Left to Right : Sesilia (Spring), Aurelia (Summer), Me (Autumn), Jessica (Winter) 

Thank you for Sesilia Michelle (Spring), Aurelia Karina (Summer), and Jessica Rosadi (Winter). This photography lookbook is the first time I'm holding two job, as a photographer and also model (Autumn) in a same time! lol.. Thank you Jessica for photograph-ing me <3 This photography lookbook take place in Aurelia's home, such a great day, I'm so proud to have amazing models like them *big smile* It's a pleasure to work with you girls :D

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