the fever that the universe has brought to me

By Helena Natanael - Friday, June 08, 2012

Hello all!

Recent 2 months, I've been in love with the galaxy pattern. I've ordered galaxy skirt and galaxy oversized shirt from Romwe, will post an outfit photo wearing it with Lisa on the upcoming holiday! yay! not to mention, I will have my first blogger meet-up on this summer holiday.. WAIT FOR IT!

Anyway, do you know that today is the opening of EURO cup? I support Spain and French, how about u? ^_^

Okay okay... let's get to the topic. Few minutes ago, I opened I wear UP online shop, and I AM SPEECHLESS. IT'S A GALAXY SHOES!!!!!!

omgomgomgomgomgomgomg I want that!!!! But you know what sucks for being a teen under 17 years old? You don't have a bank account and when your parents say "no" about buy stuffs you love, you don't have any power against it. Unfortunately, this UP online store only receive payment via bank transfer or paypal.. *sigh* So here I am.. I want to have a JOAN galaxy.. but my parents wont buy it.. anyone could buy it please for me? T_T

Okay Helen calm down, I will be able to buy what I love soon, next year! Cause I will be 17 years by the end of this year.. hahaha #evillaugh. Here are some galaxy pattern inspiration for you guys!

By the way, do you ever heard about Wrapped In Merino?
It's a cool project, which is trying to make the longest scarf and write it down in the world's record! Let's join and let your name is written down too in it! :)

About my school life? It's kinda sucks, my friends and I are going to have a chemistry and physics re-test! gosh -___-" however, it's already halfway to finish the exam weeks, day 5 out of 9 :) So, have a nice weekend!

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