By Helena Natanael - Saturday, June 30, 2012


Since the summer holiday comes, I feel like partyin' all week long. lol. I do so many hang outs with my friends. This post is one of them. I am the girl with 'bling-bling' collar white shirt :) I had a great time with my friends.. This is the first time I hang out with the boys too, among them are Edgar, Yonathan, and Darren, (left to right, on the photo above). Okay, I know they look awkward on the photo, but actually they are so funny, throwing jokes all day and make us (the girls) laughing! High five for the bros! lol.. "Insomnia" syndrome are attacking me too, I sleep on 2 AM every day, and wake up on 10 AM! gosh I feel like I'm going to be a pig.. sniff sniff.

Tell me about your holiday ;) and wish you all have a great day! :)

I wore: Romwe beads-collared white shirt, unbranded tote bag, Stylee jeans, Marie Claire semi-gladiator shoes.

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