Angel in Disguise

By Helena Natanael - Tuesday, June 21, 2016

She closed her eyes. The silence sang lullaby straight into her ears. She fell into deep sleep right away, forgetting the never-ending battle between her logic and her feeling everytime her conciousness was up. She thought the overdose amount of antidepressants that flew within her veins would help to let go the sore in her chest, but it wasn't. She wished that she would never open her eyes again, but she got herself breathing on the next morning. With the sorrow that had consumed sparkles in her eyes, she gazed to the window near her bed and whispered to herself, "can I just be happy?".

Leaving him without saying goodbye was the hardest that she had ever done, and it's cruel. But she couldn't stand any second longer, she might lose her strength to leave. Wasn't it crazy, that even her beating heart was calling his name on its own will? He had changed her.. Now he may only see a blurred picture of a woman that used to love him.

She has always been an angel in disguise for him; his protector and his motivator. Her absence excruciate him, but his presence gives pain in her fragile heart. Maybe they'll meet again, when they are slightly older and their minds less hectic, and she'll be right for him and he'll be right for her. But right now, she is chaos to his thoughts and he is poison to her heart.

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