Leap of Faith

By Helena Natanael - Monday, February 29, 2016

The day I met you is the day I believe I was lucky. I was keeping myself busy on my phone in the corridor and you accidentally dropped your papers. Lots of papers. Ah, reckless boy. I got up from my seat and helped you to clean the mess. You looked tired. I offered myself to help you bring those gigantic load of papers to place you should bring it. With a thin smile, you made up your glasses and say "yes please, help me bring it to my car if you don't mind". It was a lucky day, luckiest day I guess. We didn't talk much, but when we reached your car, you asked if you can text me or be a friend in a chat application. That's when all of these things started.

You aren't my type, at first. Please don't be mad but it surely is. I'm not interested of any guy but you slowly walks in to a place you aren't supposed to be: in my head. I think I like you. You, with that awkward moves when you hear your favorite song on the radio. You, when you talk a lot about politics (I'm surprised to know that you like to keep up-to-date with politics!) and swearing will not choose some idiot public figure in the election. You, when you ask me to play game with you, a game that I will never be a pro at. You, with that sea of paperworks and you do it with patience, one by one. I take a leap of faith when I say to myself that I like you. But if I am wrong again about this feeling, I will not regret it. Though I still pray every night and wish that you will say it back..

Chicnova Blazer - Romwe Top - Nevada Jeans - HerVelvetVase Heels

Hi Fellas!
Another outfit post is here! This outfit post was taken in a media session of a fashion application, actually I don't visit these kind of events, but this fashion app is interesting, so I decided to go. I met chic bloggers there, and I was glad to know them. I thought I should start coming to these kind of events. People I met there, encourages me to keep this blog running as a fashion blog as its core, hahaha. Trends are something that I don't always follow, I only love to look good because it boosts my confidence, and I love to share the outfit inspiration to you all.

To be a fashion blogger, was a chance I took a few years ago. I was thinking about being serious in fashion blogging, but after years doing it, I realized this was only a hobby for me. However I didn't regret it, it's a beautiful journey that had become a part of me. If you guys are thinking about taking or trying new things, don't hesitate of doing it. The "what if" is the thought that would keep you away from great adventure ahead. Do think, but if you find it will not harm for your future, why not? hahaha. Have a productive Leap Day, fellas!

Ocha & Bella
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Jakarta, Indonesia

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