Cross The Line: more than just a platform

By Helena Natanael - Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hey readers,
I found a new and fresh shop based in Hong Kong named Cross The Line ( No, this is not alike at all with other ordinary shops, this one prefers to designer platform, or maybe a lot like online boutiques. The name is so catchy and so do the goods they provide there. They said that Cross The Line is a platform with no boundary for the talents to showcase their masterpiece and design regardless of nationality, gender, age, and etc. They have just launched in early August 2014, still new but they give fresh idea of design and fashion. As a designer platform, they have collaborated with 11 designers so far (from Hong Kong and Taiwan) and they will expand to reach more Asian designers in the future. I would say that it’s brilliant to have fashion inspiration and stories every month (example, "Bold Statement" for June; "Shade of Blue" for July; "Frozen Floral" for August). That is a fresh way to influence people, whether they are students, fashion addicts, or housewives, and show the creativity of the designers based on an inspiration. Their inspiration is determined by them based on the recent trends and the style of their designers' products. They hope that each inspiration can be linked with different designers' labels.

At first, when you browse the goods, your eyes may pop a bit when you see the price tag. Yes, it’s in dollars, but it’s in Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) in default. But in some countries, let’s say if you’re in US, the price tag should be in US Dollar. If you still feel like not sure, you can kindly contact them for assistance. The products here are very exclusive. Their designers normally produce around 20-30 pieces for each product, so you will not find the similar clothing/bag in other place, right shop to buy gifts, for yourself or your beloved ones, no more worry meeting someone who wears similar clothes to you in public places and special occasions!

I have created a collage about a look that I would like to pull off from Cross The Line’s goods. What do you think? Keep updated with Cross The Line via facebook, Instagram and twitter. Have a nice day lovely people!

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