By Helena Natanael - Monday, August 18, 2014

Hello readers!

Yesterday was Indonesia's Independence Day and I want to say that I'm proud to be Indonesian. This outfit was inspired by Independence's Day occasion, and maybe for fashion blogger standard, this is not red-and-white enough.. hahaha... I think that's right, but this time, I am not going to show how nationalist I am.. I prefer to share this simple look that somehow represents me and my country: Independence.

I feel that "Independence" represents me, because now I'm in the university and I'm free from subjects that I don't like in high school, lol.. then, I feel that people around me especially my family, start to let me stand on my own feet, let me to choose what to do and not to do, and respect my opinion much more than when I'm in high school. I start to feel that my graduation from high school gives me "independence" to be looked and treated as a normal adult, not teenager, though I still a teen lol.

I have shared my "College Look" on this blog, so this outfit, is kind of that college look, and simplified.

Nevada T-shirt; Vero Moda jegging; SammyDress bag; 
Ezra by Zalora flats; unbranded watch; Romwe owl necklace.

I love this Vero Moda jeggings that my mom recently bought for me, actually not really sure if that's a jegging, feel like it's not jeans material but it's not legging! it's thicker than legging. I also love that floral flats that my mom recently bought *again* via online, I have been searching for that kind of lovely pair of flats! hahaha. You might know that I am a paypal user and currently buying things from ebay, so you will not be surprised if I tell you that I buy that lovely world map watch from ebay. It's unbranded, but it looks really cute, so I put it on my shopping cart ;)

So, what the word "Independence" means for you? Have you ever felt the same with me? I would like to hear from you, have a nice day :)

Mall Puri Indah
Jl. Puri Agung, Puri Indah
Kembangan Selatan, Jakarta 11610


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