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By Helena Natanael - Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hello readers!
I'm officially on my own summer holiday! Yay! I've worked so hard this semester and it's paid off.. I'm proud of my report card :)

Last Friday I went to The Flavor Bliss with my friends, and it's really fun! we had a great time there :) Maybe you're a bit wondering about my last post where I share sneak-preview about next outfit posts and this outfit is none of them lol.. But I love the atmosphere in these pics, it suits my mood right now -- related with holiday hahaha.

The title was inspired by "Zombieland" movie I watched on FOX Movies Premium channel. Yeah... since summer holiday started, I spent my time watching movies on that channel I mentioned, and also to hang out with my friends.. I just let go the stress I had carried for this half year.. the pressure were really high. I have my own "me-time" in this summer holiday, so apologize me for not replying comments as quick as usual. Till next time, enjoy your holiday and see ya :)

what I wore:
Cavalier birdie tees
Romwe high-waisted skorts
(gift from my cousin) beanie
Belleza sling bag
Connexion sandals

The Flavor Bliss
Jalan Sutera Utama Boulevard Kav. 6 (Alam Sutera, Serpong)
Tangerang Selatan, Banten 15325

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