Celebration of Colors

By Helena Natanael - Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hello readers!

First, I want to say Happy Vesak/Wesak Day for everyone who celebrates! It's a cloudy day and I love cloudy day, because it gives good blue/green tone to my photographs. Guess what? These pics above are fresh from my DSLR :)

It has been a really busy and high-stress-level week, and thank you for all your kind supports, I've gone through this week in one piece. Phew.. Btw, I'm entering the NatGeo Asia contest "celebration of colors". People who enter it are really awesome, they capture ordinary things but in differently amazing point of view/angle, and make it really special. I'm blown away by those talents. Though I don't expect to win that competition (my rival are really expert and I am just "hey, I'm newbie and I love photography" *9gag effect*), but going to USA and having a Canon 60D will fly me to the moon (?)

AQUA is a mineral water in bottle, sold in my country. It is celebrating it's 40 years existence in my country, so it changes it's look to be more "Indonesia". There's Wayang Gunungan and Wayang Petruk, Rafflesia Arnoldi flower, Malang mask, Jalak Bali bird and Cendrawasih bird in that illustration (don't know what it is? google it!). It is so Indonesia and reflects Indonesia's rich and diversity natural resources, that can only be found in Indonesia. I'm really proud of my country, and by this little mineral water, I feel more proud to be an Indonesian. That's why I'm featuring this bottle in my post :D

I'm really into these anti-bacterial gel by Bath and Body Works, I love their scents like crazy! hahaha.

If you are wondering what's that... that is a 5-colors highlighter! I got it from Bank Capital, when I was opening my first ever bank account *yes I'm seventeen years old, in case you don't know lol* really cute, right? You don't have idea how I like to use highlighter, it's quicker than writing a memo about the important parts of those school subjects. But because of the highlighter, some of my books turn into this:

These days are the last days of 2012-2013 class, so my friends and I took pics of ourselves a lot, lol. This is my school's uniform, if you are curious :p

That's all I think for today, thanks for reading my chit-chat! here's a sneak peek of my outfit posts, will post it soon :) have a great day all!

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