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By Helena Natanael - Friday, April 12, 2013

Hello readers!

First, forgive me for my absence in blogging for these several months. I'm struggling to get higher scores, because these several semesters' scores are important to me, they will affect my future. Without good scores, I will not be accepted in good universities. So I have to level up my 'game'. That's why I reduce my intensity in blogging. I want to have better scores and I want to enter a good, a 'verified by people' university.

My close friends : Arlette Wijaya (left) and Jessica Rosadi (right). 
We have same interests, in fashion and photography :D

Have I told you that this year might be the busiest year ever in my life? as an eleventh grade student, this year is a "party" year, remembering lots of my friends are having their "sweet seventeenth". Ya. Phew. I'm so excited to attend their parties, because I only become a seventeen y. o. girl once. So just live it to the fullest :) though it's kinda tiring, but I appreciate and respect all of my friends for inviting me and for being such a good friend :) The positive side is: I can take my outfit shots in different places! yay hahaha.. then I dont have to bother my mom or my lil bro (usually they are my 'photographers' when I want to take some outfit pics) because I can ask my friends to help :p hahaha..

This time, I was at Billie Chick Restaurant for attending my friend's birthday lunch. He was one of my close friend in high school. I love the place, the sunlight can go through the clear and transparent huge window, and it makes my eyes more "alive", lol! Sometimes I feel like I have "dead eyes", but this time my eyes was shining (?) hahaha. Thank you Jessica Rosadi for taking photos this time!

What I wore:
Crop Tee Fringe - RAWR Clothing (gift from GoGirl Magazine)
Inner top - Debenhams
Jeans - Stylee
Sandals - Bata

Fellas, have you heard about Good for you if you have. If you haven't, let me share a bit about this helpful site to you. Dskon is the first ever Indonesian lifestyle site, where you can find lots of offers and huge discounts from plenty of shops, international shop and local shop, updated in daily basis. Believe me, you won't let a day pass without browsing at Dskon once you browse there. This site offers lifestyle products that divided into several portal, such as fashion portal, electronic portal, health & beauty portal, etc. By this portals, you can focus on daily offers from some portal that interests you (for me, it's fashion portal).

Most Indonesian buyer at Dskon bought apparels from local shop. I'm glad to know that people here are starting to support local shops. I also enjoyed browsing at's fashion portal. I found amazing pieces of apparels bundled with surprising offer. Then do you know what? I bought some pieces! People in Indonesia usually paranoid of shopping online, because some site are offering online shopping with super low price, but then it turns out into scam and buyer lost their money. But, in, everything affordable is real, no scam here. Really.

Here's some tips from me to do a safe online shopping:

1. Check out the site's layout. Search for that site's channel, like facebook fanpage, twitter, blog, youtube, etc. The more is better. It shows the "realness" of the site. Don't forget to search their costumer service contact.

2. Instead of using credit card method for payment, you could use bank transfer method (this method is chosen by most of Dskon's costumers). Then there's a new method that I suggest you to try: choose COD (Cash on Delivery) method. So, you pay only when the courier deliver your order to your home. This last method is the safest and easiest method to avoid scam, and can be chosen at some Dskon's shop.

I bought this by COD method :) so safe and easy!

Beside providing great deals, Dskon also regularly update its blog and facebook fanpage. From here you will get the latest news and offers. Dskon is such a perfect lifestyle site to fulfill our needs :)

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