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By Helena Natanael - Friday, May 25, 2012

I'm so glad to have this beautiful dress from NOOZ, gifted from sis Kay, the author of THE GLOSSY ALLURE because I have won her giveaway! the dress is so fantastic and beautiful! <3 I'm sorry I haven't worn it yet, I think it suits me if I wear it to some parties, not ordinary photoshoot.. So just wait for it! ;)

I've made my new watermark, I think the watermark that I use in Ellyzabeth's photoshoot is too big and doesn't express my attitude. So I make a new one! It reflects my photograph's infinity, and heals all the frustrated people who needs some getaway.What do you think?

Anyway, have you tried macaroons? It originally from France, but now it becomes one of world's favorite snack/dessert! <3 I've tried it, and it tastes so yummy!! recommended!

And after the little chit-chat above there, now let me announce the winner of my summer giveaway...
They are...

a Rafflecopter giveaway

1. Ellyzabeth Tanaya
2. Jasmine from AdamAlexMommy
3. Nila Kussriani

I picked the 3 winners above via that has been provided by rafflecopter widget.. And actually I'm so surprised when the first winner is Ellyzabeth! gosh, maybe karma does exist? Some people think that the winning of her has been set up by me, but I want to make it clear, THIS WINNERS ARE RANDOMLY PICKED BY RAFFLECOPTER. So, no misunderstanding please :)

This is the mystery gift:

and for the mystery gift, I picked Riyandini Putri because I like the simple comment from her, "I think you're passionate and funny.". Congrats, all winners! you guys should check your e-mail inbox now, because I've sent you an e-mail, related with your shipping address :)

For another participants, don't be sad! I will  make another giveaway this coming autumn or winter, and if you join it, you have double chance, because I've written down all your names (the participants of my first giveaway) and will multiply your chance!

If that news still don't cheer you up, here is a little gift, Romwe $7 voucher to spend! All you need is to sign up at ROMWE (click here if you haven't signed up) , pick your apparel, and in the checkout just write ROMWE7 in the discount coupon column.. then just wait until your order come! :D about shipping? don't worry, it's free without any minimum payment, shipped worldwide. So what are you waiting for? make an order on now, this voucher code is expired on 1st June. Have a great weekend ahead, guys! and for who has semester exam next week, I wish you all the best :)

Oh, don't forget to check Romwe's clearance sale, with up to 50% off! Click the image to pop there!

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