Let me dream

By Helena Natanael - Wednesday, May 16, 2012

School is driving us crazy.. so let's have a little break! I like to edit my old photos when I'm bored.. Yes, these photos are "old", but I think it suits my imagination :) Hope you like it!

Location: Central Park Mall, West Jakarta
Date: December 2010

"Fly, fly, fly!"
Model: Klara Ameliana

"The Autumn Effect"
Models: Me and Sisil Angelia
Photographer: Benedictus K.
Date: October 2010

Model: Ellyzabeth Tanaya (Elle)
Photographer: Me

 "Bring me to Eiffel!"
Model: Me

I think the picture above is really silly.. lol.. My edit isn't very good, hahaha.. But this is just a dream, right? So I have my right to dream about this XD

Now, let me share some photograph that I've capture on recent 2 months :)

Anyway thank you GLOSSY ALLURE who has sent me a beautiful red dress! I won her giveaway, and I've received the parcel last 2 weeks.. love you sis! the beautiful dress will be revealed soon <3

Then, I wanna congratulate my beloved schoolmates + blogger fellas + my first model on photoshoot > > Ellyzabeth Tanaya. She have been featured on a fashion magazine, named DRESSCODE. I'm happy with her achievement, and my smile gets bigger when I saw my photograph of her, are in it! Click here to see my photographs of Ellyzabeth.

Still about Ellyzabeth, I'm surprised when she contact me and tell me that I won her first giveaway! Whoa.. winning 2 giveaways in a row? It's more than I have expected! Thank you God, for all these blesses :')

Psst, don't forget to join my first giveaway! It will be ended on 21st May, so make sure you have entered it in  a chance to win a galaxy dress and 3 other cute stuffs, for 4 lucky winner! :D Click here to pop there!
and may the odds be ever in your favor :)

Location of photographs: 
Strawberry Cafe, Tanjung Duren, Jakarta // Dunia Fantasi, Ancol, Jakarta // Hongkong Cafe, Central Park Mall, Jakarta. 

post title: inspired by a beautiful inspiring blog named "Let Me Dream" (click click click!), by Momo.

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