Some Parties, Loves, and Friends

By Helena Natanael - Friday, April 20, 2012

Heyyaa all! last 2 weeks I've been busy to attend some parties, hang-outs and meet-ups! lol.. Thanks for Clara, Jessica, Sesilia, and Edgar, for such a great time! then I wanna say Happy Sweet Sixteen for Aurelia Karina and Happy Sweet Seventeen for Gladys Indrayani!

*say "YUM!" for Jessica's cupcakes! :D*

*unexpected hang out with Sesilia and Jessica after doing a group task*

 *narcism attack on Jessica's home, lol*

*Left to Right : Clara, Jessica, Me. Jessica is one of my bestest friend ever, lol.. she's so cute, silly, funny, but smart and kind-hearted. I love to spend my time with her! Look at this photo, she's doing a silly face! XD*

*a cloudy evening at Chatime, with Jessica, Sesilia, and Edgar* 
*It's so hard to have a focus-on-all in this picture, so....*

*...I ask Cindy, my friend, to use all these rings! lol*

*mouth watering...*

 *Jessica and Clara --> epic fail :p*

*Lunch together at Pizza Hut. Left to Right : Janisa H., Cindy N., Jess Augusta, Jess' bf, Aurelia Karina, Cindy M., Me, Jessica, Clara*

*high five for the birthday girl: Aurelia Karina! :D*

 what I wear: ezpresso babydoll, Mango tees, Yongki Komaladi wedges, Sophie Paris watch, Diva ring, unbranded bag.

 *look at Clara's hand on the right bottom... --> 2nd epic fail*

 *trying to have little make-up.. I focus to beautify my eyes, hahaha, do you see the difference when I don't use make up and when I use it?*

 *my favorite ring, I get it when I wander around Central Park with ellyzabeth*

 *the new adult: Gladys Indrayani! :D*

*Gladys and Me*

 *I become the photographer of her birthday.. so glad and feel like a honor to capture this precious moment for her*

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