parallel universe

By Helena Natanael - Saturday, August 27, 2016

If parallel universe does exist, will we meet each other again there? will us hate each other there? will us have different squad? or in contrary, will we able to hold hand, yet still smiling from our hearts? will your touch still give goosebumps to my arms? will your stupid and indecisive texts still make me laugh? and, will I, still in love with you?

I knew you were trouble when you walked in, and I still came close to you without considering disaster that you might bring into my life. You're such a toxic but I'm addicted to it. If I can alter time, I would not give you my number on that day. And I wonder how my world will turn out without someone powerful like you, powerful enough to make me die a little inside every time you show up in my dreams.

 Galaxy Sleeveless Top by Logo Jeans - Snowflake Necklace by Born Pretty Store
Sling bag by En-Ji (via Lyke App) - Jeans by Stylee Skinny

Hi fellas! yes I'm writing about parallel universe because my sleeveless top has already state it... hahaha.. I have told you earlier that I'm such a galaxy junkie. Even my PC's name is Proxima, taken from Proxima Centauri; name of the nearest galaxy to our Milky Way. And recently when galaxy print was trending, I can't help myself but buying some of it. Not as much as my T-shirt collections though... hahaha.
I also addicted with Born Pretty Store's goods. Their products are really satisfying and have various design that make you able to find your own signature piece. Mine? it's a Snowflake shape necklace ( It describes my "frozen" attitude. Almost every friend of mine said that when they first met me, they thought I was "cold" and diligent. Diligent? I consider it as a compliment though I'm such a sloth in reality hahaha..  but cold? I don't like to have it as first impression. So I have been trying to be nicer to new people I met. It might not have worked yet, hahaha *cries in French* but hopefully I can improve my first impression soon. That's why I pick that snowflake necklace as my signature, because it will be something that I don't have in myself, soon.

Pssst, you'll get 10% discount if you input code "HELT10" on your checkout after finding your signature piece in Born Pretty Store :) How cool is that?

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