By Helena Natanael - Thursday, July 07, 2016


We often fall in love with ideas. Idea that she/he is the one. Idea that what she/he does, is for us. Idea that she/he has a pure white heart. Idea that our reality may be similar to korean drama. And when those ideas don't become reality, we get upset.

I have to admit that the last time he asked me to accompany him somewhere, gave me difficulties to sleep. I felt too happy, to leave reality. A simple text from him, able to make my chin up. Silly pics of him, filled up my phone's gallery. I was too drowned in this 'ideas of him' until I realize he might be doing this not for me, but himself. He might ask me to accompany him not because he wanted to spend time with me, but to make him feel not alone. He might send silly pics of him not only for me, but to his other friends too. He might text me not to catch up with me, but to shoo away his boredom. The way I thought I was treated special by him, may just ordinary things for him.

Should I do the Clean Operation? Start fresh and cut all communications with him? I thought I have got rid of these ideas of him, when suddenly I realize I haven't. My whole life, I have never care this much to a boy. He's different, he's the one, he's good for me, are the ideas whenever his name popped in my head. And I have to get rid of it before it consumes me. Falling in love with someone else is hard after he enters my life. I wish I got hit by something and have amnesia, that might be the successful way to forget him.. because all I have done until now, is nothing more than a fail mission.

Mom's Top - Mom's Jeans - Born Pretty Store Ring - ROMWE sling bag - HerVelvetVase Heels

Holiday is here! Yay! And I'm glad whenever I remember this holiday is not gonna be as crazy as last year. I have planned to go to some old friends meetups and I wish to spend memorable time with them. Most of my best friends are studying abroad or studying in different campus, so it's really hard to match schedule with 'em.

I was trying to pull this white on white outfit by using clothes that I found in my mom's wardrobe. Seem like these inherited clothes looked good, I should search for more clothes from my mom's hahaha. Recently I'm trying to make up a good look, not too plain like I usually share here. I'm thinking about wearing more accessories, and as an online shopper, Born Pretty Store is a good spot to enhance your plain look. I got myself several accs from Born Pretty Store and I'm in love with 'em. This one is a Ziron Ring (, I like this kind of ring because it adjusts your finger hahaha. Going to post more outfit with accs soon! meanwhile, you should take a peek to Born Pretty Store collection. Pssst, you'll get 10% discount if you input code "HELT10" on your checkout :) Don't miss it, happy summer holiday!

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