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By Helena Natanael - Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Hi readers!

Yes I have to write some apology sentences to you all for ignoring this blog again and again, putting it in idle condition. My campus life has been so busy lately and it's actually drowning me with lots of activities that I don't expect... if I did it last year. How big the difference a year could make, just like those quotes thingy, and I think that's true. My first year in college was great.. and I'm turning into whole new person.. thanks to student organization in my faculty. My whole life, I think to be involved in student organization is a waste of time, I can do much more productive things and that's not including having a role in student organization.

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However, then I get some enlightenment when I read John Green's quote "What is the point of being alive if you don't at least try to do something remarkable?". Yup I'm a big fan of quotes and those beautiful writings, but that quote hit me hard right in the heart. I was really bored with my college life at that time, and anxious about challenging standard that my lecturer gave to his students for scoring. What I'm doing with my dull life? How to make it more alive? The answer is pointing to a conclusion that I make by myself: "The good way of living is doing things outside your comfort zone." I have to search for "adventure" by doing things that I have never done before. I have to try it, if it ends bad, at least I have tried, but if it ends great and I love it, let's do it again. I decide to get involved in student organization in my faculty. I do it to make myself forget about my anxiety in some subjects, at first. But later, I do it to gain experience. I've been such a conservative student, a geek that hails excellent scores but really shy at meeting someone new. And now I want to be my better self. These activities are making me exhausted, but I feel proud of myself for doing it wholeheartedly anyway. My recent business : being a college representative to help new students to adapt college life, and taking part in a roleplay to greet new students in my faculty. I'm enjoying my choice, and while I'm a teen (I will turn 20 soon! gosh..) I will try every different "adventure" that life offers to me. Hoping my thoughts will enlighten you too, if you're still playing around in your very own comfort zone.. give those crazy things a try, you'll be surprised. Have a great day! :)

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