There's GOOD in goodbye

By Helena Natanael - Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I'm not a big fan of school. At first, going to school is excruciating me. I don't enjoy my times at school. I do my homework in a hurry, I prefer to browse the internet than listen to the teacher or do my homework. I don't always get a good score, I'm not that kind of popular girls who collect a bunch of boyfies, and I'm not that genius student that every teacher seem like fall into knees everytime they meet that student.

But when I become a sophomore, I started to love my school and enjoy a little bit. I start to open up with my friends and learn so much valuable things. Those times didn't always great, but overall it's an amazing journey once in a lifetime. Life will never be the same again, yup now I'm leaving high school with flying colors - I never ever expect to graduate with flying colors! - and hoping to become a success person in the future. Good luck to all my friends in Penabur 4 Senior High School Jakarta (SMAK 4 Penabur Jakarta), thank you for the memories and lessons :")

Today I just wanna share about my thoughts, I haven't shared it in this blog for a year maybe, hahaha.. Ok, now I want to let you know 10 facts about me:
1. I don't like to have long nails.
2. I only have 1 pair of heels (and people call me fashion blogger, lol.. that's ironic)
3. I'm a huge fan of T-shirts and sandals
4. I don't really like to wear pants, especially the skinny type.
5. I have a mission to die before age 70 and success before age 40.
6. I love doing nothing and just being lazy on my bed
7. I like kpop music though I don't understand the lyrics! hahaha.. I just love their cheerful beats and rich-of-tones music.. they are creative in arranging easy-listening music.. but FYI I like most genres of music: pop-classic-jazz and so on.. except rock.
8. I don't believe in second chance.
9. I learn to swim in the age of 15, and before I learn to swim, I hate pool.
10. I rarely stalk my idols, when I like certain actors or actress or singer, I just like them, but I don't even know their birth date or favorite foods! it's unnecessary for me. I prefer to stalk a cute boy I just met HAHA.

Earlier in 2014, I make an instagram account and I haven't written about it on my blog. At first I feel like "ah I'm too late to make an instagram account" and some of my friends become instagram-addict and spend too much time stalking people in Instagram. That makes me think that I shouldn't make one. But then few weeks later I sign up for an account. lol. But good for me, at least I'm not that instagram addict. I don't upload 100 images per day to instagram. lol. Here are my recent posts @helenatanael :

Capturing On The Go

I was thinking to make a shop, and just in the right time MINIPOPUP ask me to open a store based on their site. I'm new, and I don't have any experience but I hope this shop runs well. Everyone worldwide can shop there. Products I choose to display on my online shop are below US$100. For the next step, I would love to make a local online shop like Elle and Jess with their successful Gowigasa, but I don't have idea what stuffs that I should provide in my online shop, I don't want to have an ordinary online shop. Meanwhile, you can give my MINIPOPUP store a shot!

Here's my current favorite photos (credits: Ellyzabeth). See you on the next posts and hoping you guys are having a nice day!

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