Dream comes true

By Helena Natanael - Sunday, July 07, 2013


Since I was a kid, I addicted to everything related with Disney's Princess. My favorite is Belle from Beauty and The Beast, how about you? hahaha. 'Till now, I always want to experience an amazing princess' life. A princess have their own magical life, and amazing dresses. This time, it's my fantasy since I was a kid, came true. I became a princess for a night, when I was attending my classmate's birthday party, last week. The long dress made me felt like I was a princess, lol.

Actually the dress was plain, but my dearest mom modified it and added some "sequins". Thanks mom! I'm not good at sewing stuffs but thank God I have a crafty-handed mom ;)

What I Wore:
Gaudi - Dress
Zara - Clutch
Loly Poly - Belt
Nine West - Heels

I painted my nails with 2 colors, the Skinfood (orange one) was a gift from Ellyzabeth and the Etude House (pale pink) was my first ever nail polish haha. I was inspired by my lovely roses in the front garden to make this nail art lol.. Since holiday started, I planted some flowers, like orchid and rose. And I'm really inspired by their amazing colors. God's masterpiece is always takes our breath away, right?

Some of my friends ask why I don't keep my nails long like other woman usually do, and maybe some of you think the same. Here's the answer, fellas. I have difficulties in playing piano if my nails are long. So, I cut my nails every few weeks to keep it short :) 

I had my hair looked great for the party, thanks a lot for Vidal Sassoon spray! I redeemed this from Chictopia several weeks ago and I had no regret redeeming this amazing hair spray + hair repair. It made my hair smoother, shinier, and easier to be styled :)


Btw do you remember my friend Yonathan? If you read my posts, he has appeared once lol. He moved to Canada last year to continue his education.. and now he's in summer holiday so he's back for 2 months! Last monday a friend of mine arranged a meet-up with Yonathan, and it's fun to have some catch-up with him :)

I can't believe that my summer holiday is almost over! Gee I want more! I just feel not really ready getting back to school and facing my senior year. Phew.

Enjoy Summer!

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