Holiday mini-project #1: Frozen Feelings

By Helena Natanael - Friday, January 04, 2013

In this Frozen January, I'm waiting for you to pick me up. I'm going to a date! I keep my mind imagine about how serious you are when you confess your feelings for me. I said "yes" happily, and jump into your arms. I feel safe and loved. I know that you'll be my last. Though my brain with its logic sometimes tells me that you are same like the others, but my heart deny it. I choose to believe my heart this time.

I'm waiting and waiting. It's been two hours late after the time that you promise will pick me up. My brain like, "Nah, I have told ya. You have to believe me next time. All guys are same." I start to find a little piece of reason to keep waiting for you. 

Ah! Finally, you come. I'm going to be angry at first, but I see your tired face and dirty hands. You say, "I'm so sorry. I have to fix this poor car first. I want to make sure this car will not ruin our date." I don't wanna hear any sentences, I just burst into tears and hug you. I don't care if my clothes become dirty, I just want you to know that this feeling is real. Yes dear, this is real.

I look into your shiny eyes and I smile. I put my hands in my pocket and I realize that there is a necklace. Oh! I've lost it and I find it back on my coat. This necklace is the most precious gift I ever have from you. When you want me to be yours.... (to be continue soon)

this time I wanna share about my holiday mini-project with the model Jessica Rosadi. I style her and capture her into my camera. Thank you, Jessie! lol. I made this at Jessica's home, right after the semester examination, last month. This holiday mini-project is separated into 2 parts, the 2nd part will be posted soon :)
I'm trying to pour my feelings into the writings above. I have a little bit difficulties writing a blind sonata in English, but I hope you can get what I wanna say, hehehe.

School has just started yesterday, oh I beg for more holidays! But in other hand I think yah it's my responsibility to study. I just wish I can make it and passed 11th grader. I need more confidence boosts.. my report card isn't good, isn't as good as I've expected. How's your day? Wishing you a great day and also wishing you the best in everything you do.

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