Skirt on Skirt (Tribute to Mom)

By Helena Natanael - Saturday, December 22, 2012

Hello readers!

Mother's Day, is a day to remember that our Mom has made a great job of raised us and took care of us. Mother's Day itself, is celebrated on various days in many parts in the world, and in Indonesia, my country, it is celebrated every 22nd of December. (psst, by stepping on 22nd December, we all have known that the  Mayans doomsday prediction 12.21.12 who has been talked about these recent years are nothing but a big lie, right?)

This time, I want to share an outfit post. Actually I think this outfit is the most insane outfit post I've ever shared.. Do you notice that the galaxy tops that I wear, is actually a Galaxy Skirt? (I wear the galaxy skirt in this post Infinity on Me) That's why I titled this post as "Skirt on Skirt", because all outfits that I wear, are skirts :D lol, insane, right? But I think by wearing these skirts, I look like my mother.. hahaha. Then I just wanna explore more about wearing things "out of the way they should be worn", hahaha. I'm posting this as a tribute to Mother's Day in my country too :)

Galaxy Skirt - Romwe (worn as a top), Maxi mustard skirt - mom's, Ribbon ring - Grazie Dio,
Spiked Ring - Romwe, Watch - Sophie Paris, bracelet- mom's, Shoes- Be Bob.

nah, above are the skirts that I wear :D

candid shot! lol


Photographer: Aurelia Karina

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