Blue Fellas

By Helena Natanael - Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Hello fellas!
This time I'm trying to make my face looks "longer" than usual.. and it looks not bad.. hahaha.. but how pale my face in these photos.. -_-"

Recently, I love to wear this denim top.. Feels like more stylish but still formal enough to wear to some formal place, like church, course, etc. Am I look older than my real age? lol :)

Nevada blue denim top, Stylee jeans, Louis Vuitton bag, The Little Things She Needs flats.

Anyway, thank you for Dian Ajeng from Less Sugar Sweet Candy for giving me this award, I'm glad to receive it :D

This award comes with some rules.

  1. Choose 5 of your favorite songs.
  2. Give the award to 10 other blogs.

So here's my top 5 songs:
1.  Fly Me to the Moon - Kenny G.
2.  Something 'bout Love - David Archuleta
3. TGI Friday - RAN
4. If I ain't got you - Alicia Keys ft. Usher
5. Marry U - Super Junior

and about 10 other blogs, I think all blogs that I know are amazing, so.. I award "I love music and I love your blog!" for first 10 people who commented on this post :)

Then, a tag is given to me from Inggrid, the author of Snowfall and Flowers Bloom. Thank you for your attention! :D

Here are Inggrid's questions, that answered by me:

1. Whether your innermost dreams you want to achieve?
- I want to be a musician, it's my dream since I was in the kindergarten :)
2. Do you love your life? what is interesting of your life?
- Of course. Life has its own up and down, that's what make life interesting.
3. Do you have a favorite item? What is it?
- Whoa, I love lots of stuffs! but if I must to pick one, it is my laptop.
4. Snow season or winter?  
- Actually I prefer to autumn :)
5. If you are a magician who can change anything, what would you change?
- I want to change the thickness of my books.. I wish they were much thinner! Everyday, I look like carrying a bomb in my backpack.. really, my textbooks are so thick and heavy and it's REALLY annoying -_-
6. What quotes do you like? Why you like it?  
-"your smile is your most amazing make up." hahaha I think it's true and every people need to realize it :)
7. What you liked when you were single? Why do you love the single period?
- ahaha... it's private :)
8. What inspires your blog? 
- See my About page (click here)
9. If one is not love your blog, what do you do?
- it's okay.. I don;t really care about those people.. Actually we can't make some friends without making a few enemies.
10. What sights you'd love to visit?
- Bali, Europe, America, Australia.. all around the world!
11. If you are given the opportunity to meet your beloved idol. But the opportunity was stymied because your mom is sick. Which do you choose?
- I will take care of my mom, that's what I choose.


Have a great day!

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