Sweet Fantasy!

By Helena Natanael - Thursday, December 22, 2011




Hello! :D

Nice to see you all again. Last weekend, my mom, my little brother and I went to a mall in West Jakarta. During that "shopping time", I found the fantasy lollipop booth, and I was so excited! I love these lollipops. With its attracting colors, made me wanted to buy it. So, mom bought me some lollipops from the booth! yeay!

The most adorable lollipop is the christmas cane candy. So, I photographed it and added some retouches in Adobe Photoshop CS5! With photoshop, one photo will become a lot of different photos with its own unique style.

This is the original image:

Usually, to give it some "wow" look, people increases the white intensity OR the black intensity. Yeah, black and white still rules! This is the edited candy, I increase the black in the 1st photo, and I increase the white in the 2nd photo. See the different with the original one?

If you wanna make it more unique, you can play with the color balance (pic 1a and 1b), invert the photo (pic 2), make it looks vintage (pic 3), simply make it in monochrome (pic 4), and more! :)

photoshop tutorial 1
Pic 1a : this is the Color Balance Panel, drag the Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow cursors to get your own color.

Pic 1b : This is the output example of Color Balance

Pic 2 : Inverted colors

Pic 3 : vintage look, after increasing yellow tones and adding some highlights, using both Photoshop and Photoscape
Pic 4 : Monochrome look

After the photo session and retouch session done, I made my-self-photo-session, with my Husky hat to add some winter style, lol...



husky hat


Candy Cane Moustache! *smiles*

These are my other photos, lol.. Imma camera geek, huh? *blushing*

Psst, Today is 22nd December, right? So today is the Mother Day! Don't forget to say "I love you, Mom" to your mommy, you don't realize how much and how deep their love for you. If you want to say it with a unique way, how about send her an e-card? BlueMountain.com has a lot of unique and sweet e-card, but most of them aren't free. Me myself, usually use Flavia e-card to send an e-card in special occasion. Click here to see Mother's Day e-cards. Don't forget to share with me about your mom's reaction when you send her the e-card, k? hahaha...


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