Know ur country, love ur country

By Helena Natanael - Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hi guys! The summer holiday has over. We are back to school to study again. This holiday makes me more love Indonesia although Indonesia was known as a country with the most corruption in Asia-Pacific. Every country has plus points and minus points, like a human, right?

My holiday started with boring things, staying at home and playing Restaurant City or Mafia Wars on Facebook. Then going to mall and watching on the Toy Story 3 movie in 3D format.
Oh it‘s going to rust me if stay only at home!

At the end of June 2010 was a beginning of my journey to know more, especially Jakarta and the wild animals’ life. My fam and me went to Taman Safari Cisarua-Bogor. I could see the wild animals with my own eyes, even can touch ‘em ! With little hiking, my fam and me arrived to the Curug Jaksa waterfall (at Mount Pangrango) at the corner of Taman Safari. The water was so cold and the air was quite fresh. I wondered if I were living there…

at the tol to Puncak

 I see you, mountain :D

 searching for some food

the cowboy show at Taman Safari

 Curug Jaksa Waterfall

the giraffe

One week later, me and my cousins visited Old Batavia (in Bahasa : Kota Tua), downtown of Jakarta. There were old buildings from era of Nederland colonial here. The buildings had been reconstructed; the museums were clean from dust and trash. We liked going, by time machine and returning to hundred years ago in Jakarta. Every single place in this area was perfect for photography. There’re lot of traditional snacks and various souvenirs. I suggest you to visit Museum Fatahillah. The ticket is about 1000 – 2000 Rupiahs. Don’t forget to have lunch (most of tourists visit Old Batavia at the daytime) in Café Batavia if you want to feel the colonial atmosphere.

the Museum Fatahillah

Me and my cousins w/ Prasasti Ciaruteun

the bar

with the big canon

look like the Hermes, LOL

I love the black and white photo, is it better than full color ?

At the same day, my cousins and I went to Jakarta Fair Kemayoran (JFK) which to be held on 11th June – 11th July every year to celebrate the Jakarta Anniversary on 22nd June. A bit crowd, but JFK becomes a shopping paradise for everyone. The products here were sold at half price of the malls – even cheaper!
Remember, the discount is up to 70 %. Some shops at malls participate in this event so called Jakarta Great Sale :)
If you haven’t visited JFK this year, there’s still a chance to visit JFK next year. Suggestion, you bring your own car or motorcycle because little hard to get home by public transport from JFK.

the Liberty Statue xD

with fake ironman, we look like a child, hahaha LOL

how about your holiday ?

Have a good time at school guys,
know ur country, love ur country !

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