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By Helena Natanael - Thursday, December 24, 2015


Cheers to my first ever place review! I have been stalking food bloggers for a year and I am also a fan of lovely places. At first I wanna give review to Sweet Corner, a great dessert house near my campus, but as you can see in the google result, it has already gained the reviews it needs, so I think about giving other great places review.

Say Something Coffee. I bet most of you are playing "Say Something", A Great Big World's song in your head when you are reading that sentence, hahaha. I found this coffee shop through instagram and I can't deny how cozy this place is. The interior is arranged so minimalist and gives us some space to chill out. I spend time here with my high school friends few days ago and I can tell that this coffee shop is ABSOLUTELY recommended to hang out with your friends or just to have your "me-time". 

Say Something Coffee is a hidden gem in the city, for me. The atmosphere you get when you walk into this coffee shop is kinda livefolk-ish, you can imagine those modern-looked guys take their coffee photos in this place. Say Something Coffee is similar with Koultoura in GreenVille Jakarta. I love both, ahaha. I don't know if this place is just opened or maybe its hidden location that keep this place away from lots of customer. When I visited Say Something Coffee, there's no other customer but me and my friends. I am impressed with how spacious Say Something Coffee is. I have visited some restaurant/cafe/coffee shop in shophouse (ruko) before, and they are really tiny. Overcrowded place and most of them don't have enough seat to serve all incoming customers. But Say Something Coffee is saying something different to the coffee lovers in Jakarta :)

For the menu, since I'm not an expert foodies, all I can say is the cakes taste great! I love their cakes, the flavor is just right when it melts in my tongue. However I'm not quite satisfied with their coffee. The appearance of their coffee is something promising, but the taste doesn't meet my expectation. Probably it will get better in time? If you happen to be around Taman Aries/Kembangan, make sure you visit this cozy Coffee Shop (before it gets overcrowded) !

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Say Something Coffee
Ruko Grand Aries Niaga Blok G1 No. 2-O Meruya,
Jl. Taman Aries, Kembangan
DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
Instagram: @saysomethingcoffee

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