3 Types of Wedding Dresses

By Helena Natanael - Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hello! As I told you in earlier posts, I have big interest in dresses and that-princess-look-gowns. I stumbled upon Dressv site and those wedding dresses caught my eyes. They seem like a dream comes true for every girl. After scrolling around their site, I came up with conclusion that there are 3 types of wedding dresses. They are the "minimalist wedding dress", "ball-gown wedding dress", and "colorful wedding dress". This time, I would like to share about the ball-gown wedding dress ideas.

This type of wedding dress suits women who want to feel like a princess, and I am one of them. It has long length, reaches the floor and sometimes has lots of ruffles and laces. Pair it with lovely veil, floral crown, or beautiful crown, and you will be a princess version of your own. However, the price mostly expensive, and the price limits the woman to complete the perfection of her big day. This is why I introduce you to DressV. DressV has been known for its amazing dresses at reasonable prices, I check the Wedding Dresses 2014 section (http://www.dressv.com/wedding-dresses-2014-c103383/)  and the wedding dresses start from $69.59, the minimalist wedding dresses. And for my dream wedding dress like the first picture, it costs about $560, when usually similar dress in the boutique costs around $1500! I’m really going to buy my own dream wedding dress from DressV when the time is come. Interested to browse more ideas? Visit DressV.com for more :)

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