Pholovegraphy #1

By Helena Natanael - Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hello all! How are you?

Gee I'm in a super busy schedule right now. I've been MIA for few weeks. So much review and tasks from school. That's why I cant blog much. I mean, I have plenty pics to be uploaded but have no time to blog. These recent weekends was full of friends birthday party and study for exam. I rarely open the internet now. *sigh* So I'm sorry if I can't reach you quickly, but I promise I will return the favor ASAP.

I wanna say Happy Valentine for all of you! I titled this writing "pholovegraphy" instead of "photography" because this writing contains lotsa pink pics (for me, pink represents love), and because it's too much, I split it into 2 parts. Cake Cup above are so cute, right? I take a photograph of it, before I give it to my friend as a birthday present... I bought this at "Cindy" shop, Summarecon Mall Serpong (SMS). That shop contains cute stuffs in affordable prices, really! I bought many cute stuffs there, for my present stock, lol.

 P.S.: Thank you Grazie Dio Shop for your cute packaging! 
I love to shop on your online shop because it has cute packaging (after affordable prices also, hihi). 
As a costumer, I feel really special :D

I also wanna say Happy Chinese Lunar New Year for everyone who celebrates it! Last Sunday I went to Lippo Mall Kemang, actually I feel like "why malls are look alike recently?" because the interior looks like Central Park and Senayan City. But ah, okay, I liked my time there :) I came to Lippo Mall Kemang because they said they had a "lite version" of circus on their main atrium. Circus for Chinese Lunar New Year? not every malls held that. So thats it, I went there! :)

And guess what? This is my first outfit post in 2013! hahaha :D In my opinion, my smile is kinda awkward in these pics. I will try to make my smile more natural on next outfit post :) Have yourself a great weekend!!

Cheongsam top - was mom's
inner lace top - unbranded
mini sling bag - Fladeo
watch - birthday present from a friend
shoes - Nine West

Lippo Mall Kemang (
Kemang Village, Pangeran Antasari No.36
Jakarta 12150, Indonesia

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